How to Outwit BlackJack Odds Without Really Trying

Blackjack is one of those games that everyone loves to play against the casinos. The rules are simple: each player takes turns going around the table until someone gets 21 points or busts. If you get “busted”, you immediately lose. There are some methods you can utilize to beat the game, even though you might not realize they exist. They include card counting, betting strategy, and proper bankroll management. Let’s take a deeper look at these techniques.

Playing Blackjack Online For Real Money

When playing blackjack, you are always looking out for whether the dealer has a natural hand – that is, a hand with a total value between 17 and 21. When they don’t, the odds are stacked against you. This is because the casino has cards marked face down, meaning you cannot see their values, and also knows the dealer’s position before you place your bet. You must take this into consideration when making your decision on how much to bet, as well as whether to stay or go.

What Are Casino Odds?

Casino Odds are the percentages the casino gives you in return for wagering money. Some casinos have different odds for different players, while others give the same odds to all players. Because most people like to gamble, many casinos offer the same odds to attract more customers. However, if you want to maximize profits, it would be better for your bankroll to target the casinos with higher odds.

How They Apply To Online Blackjack

You need to understand that online casinos tend to apply these odds differently than brick-and-mortar casinos. In fact, they often do so without telling you. This is why it’s important to read the terms & conditions carefully so that you know exactly what kinds of bets you’re allowed to make and which ones aren’t. It could save you from losing thousands of dollars!

Getting Past The Odds

For you to truly benefit from a particular game, certain things need to happen. First of all, you need to understand the odds and probabilities associated with the game. Then you need to decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks. Finally, you need to learn how to minimize losses. Read more about them below…

Card Counting

The first technique I’ve mentioned is called card counting. Card counting involves keeping track of every single card dealt by the dealer. Once you get a good feel of the deck, you’ll notice certain patterns in them. For example, you might notice that after dealing two decks to one player, there will be 10 red 7’s. Or you may find that whenever a new deck is used, the last seven has a 1 or an 8. These types of patterns are known as “tells”, because the dealers subconsciously use them to communicate information about their hands to players.

There are other tells too, such as the way the dealer shuffles the deck, or the speed with which they deal the cards. By paying attention to these tells, you can determine whether the dealer has a hand or not. This method is illegal in most countries, but is perfectly legal in Nevada in the US.

Betting Strategy

Another technique is betting strategy. Instead of trying to figure out if you should stay or go, you focus on the probability of certain events happening. It’s like using statistics. One example would be knowing that the dealer will stand on 16 and hit on 17. Knowing this, you can bet more on 16 than 17. That is because 16 is closer to 21 than 17. 

Bankroll Management

This last tip is about managing your bankroll. Most people tend to overspend when they feel comfortable enough to bet big money. However, you need to avoid being too reckless with your money. You should only risk a set amount per hand. If you are losing every time, then your money is probably not going toward winning. Instead, it goes to paying off losses. This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true. Remember, you want to win the most money possible.

Also, know that any winnings are tax-free, you aren’t taking advantage of your skills. Also, try to stick within a range that covers most of your losses. For example, if you normally win $100 per session, but lost $200 the previous week, you’d probably want to limit yourself to $150 per session.

Keep Your Wallet Safe

Last but certainly not least: always keep your wallet closed. If someone gets close enough to take your wallet, they won’t hesitate to open it and steal whatever cash is inside. Keep all your cards safe. Even if you don’t have a credit card, you should still keep track of the information on it. Some criminals may be willing to steal just a few bucks, but they may also be willing to commit identity theft. So, don’t leave anything lying around.


So there you have it – my tips for beating the casino. They are simple, straightforward, proven, and effective. And they really work; you don’t need to spend hours studying games or memorizing strategies. All you need is common sense coupled with some basic math.